For other creatures of the same name, see air elemental.
Icon-MM2 Air elemental Icon-MM2
Hit Points: 250
Armor Class: 26
Special attack:  ?
Bonus on Touch: None
Undead: No
Experience: 180,000
Magic: none
Fire: some
Physical: none
Electric: some
Cold: immune
Acid: none
Energy: some

Air elementals are monsters in Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. They are beings that come from the Elemental Plane of Air. They are of medium level and share the sprite with ghosts. The best place to find Air Elementals is their Elemental Plane, although they are sometimes also found wandering outside as well.

Although they give a lot of experience, they aren't the best creatures to train on. They are somewhat resistant to magic, making them harder to deal with. Still, they are much easier to deal with than other elementals since they do not have a breath attack.

The Lord of the Elemental Plane is an air elemental named Shalwend.