"Air elementals are made up of nothing more than swirling air, so it is much more difficult to hit them with physical attacks."

The air elemental is a third-level creature of the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the Creature Portal, or the Air Portal external dwelling.

Air Elementals are quick, flying melee units.

Comments Edit

Air Elementals combine high speed with an excellent physical defense, thanks to their Insubstantial trait, that they share with ghosts. They do not have as high an attack, nor as many hit points as the other Elementals, but their speed and defense make them well-suited to play an aggressive role in combat, usually charging enemy casters, heroes, and especially ranged units in the back line.

Air elementals are quite vulnerable to direct-damage spells, for their defense stat does not apply against them, and they do not have very many hit points.

Heroes IV air elementals look like storm elementals from Heroes III.

Abilities Edit


Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.


Elementals are immune to certain spells (such as Poison) that only work on normal, living creatures.


Insubstantial increases this creature's Melee and Ranged Defense by 100%.

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