Air Elementals are powered by the same forces as Air Magic. They are immune to Mind and Meteor Shower spells. They take double damage from Firestorm, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells.OffBck

In Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia, Air Elementals are neutral creatures which can only be purchased in their dwellings in the overland, called Altars of Air. These dwellings are special - they can not be claimed by a team, making Elementals available for anyone to buy freely and prohibiting the use of Portals of Summoning from Dungeon towns.

Air elementals are fast units which are best used to attack enemies, although due to rather high defense they can play a defensive role as well. Their damage is very variable, so using Bless on them is very useful. Compared to other level 2 creatures, air elementals are really one of the best units available. They are rather cheap, too.

The best way to fight against air elementals is to use Electricity magic spells - Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt. They take double damage from these spells, effectively making thunderbirds their most feared enemies. It is not known why air elementals fear electricity, especially that their upgraded form is storm elementals, which use lightning-based attacks.

Although air elementals look as if they could fly, their movement is actually ground based. This was changed in Heroes IV.

Heroes III: Armageddon's Blade Edit

In Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade and in later expansions, Air Elementals are no longer neutral due to the new town, Conflux, which centers on Elementals. In the expansion, Air Elementals can be upgraded to Storm Elementals. Their statistics haven't been changed at all. Unfortunately, neither were their sound bugs fixed - Air Elementals have a long silent gap before groaning when they are hit and when they die.

In Armageddon's Blade, you should upgrade your Air Elementals to Storm Elementals as soon as possible, because the upgrade is cheap and Elementals' power increases tremendously.

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