Icon-MM6 Agar's pet Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 55
Special attack: Paralyze
Damage: 1D12
Attack Speed: 100
Preferred enemy: Druid
Primary attack: Physical
Level: 13
Experience: 299
Treasure: 4D20 gold
Magic: Immune
Fire: 10
Physical: 0
Electric: 10
Cold: 10
Poison: 10

Agar's pet is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Its stronger versions are Agar's monster and Agar's abomination.

Agar's pets attack in close combat, dealing 1D12 physical damage, and have a chance to paralyze their target. They are immune to magic damage, and will target druids in the party.

They can be encountered in Castle Kriegspire, Agar's Laboratory, and the Eel-infested Waters.