Adram Blacksword (known among his subjects as Lord Blacksword) was one of the three mad Blacksword brothers, and an antagonist in Might Makes Right, the Stronghold campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm.


Adram Blacksword was one of the three Blacksword brothers; each of them ruled small, nearby kingdoms, and each of them possessed a piece of the fabled Armor of the Tiger. He was not renowned for his leading abilities, but more for his obsession to hunt Berserkers and Harpies in the local wastelands.

Not being able to wrest the entire Armor of the Tiger for himself, he had a hired wizard forge a magical hammer for him, a hammer that would enhance the Armor even more if used together with it.

During the events of Heroes IV: The Gathering Storm, when the powers of the evil Hexis began to threaten Devonshire, Dogwoggle set out in a quest to retrieve the Armor of the Tiger, the use of it's powers being mandatory in the upcoming conflict with Hexis. Leaving T.R.'s Tavern, Dogwoggle firstly departed for Adram's realm.

Adram rallied up the local Barbarian tribes against Dogwoggle, but the hero battled his way to New Hope, the main keep of his rival.

Beginning to fear that he might lose his hammer, Adram fled underground. Dogwoggle followed him, taking a tip from the peasants who, apparently, were not very fond of their lord. In the fight that ensued, Dogwoggle defeated Adram, and claimed the Frost Hammer.


Adram Blacksword is the final enemy in The Unexpected Prize, the first map from Might Makes Right. He can be found in a small underground cave, reachable by passing through a portal located near the North-western corner of the surface map.

Only the campaign's protagonist, Dogwoggle, can battle Adram; any army without Dogwoggle approaching Adram will be ambushed by 50 Black dragons, a foe impossible to defeat with the creatures earned during a normal playthrough.

Adram is a Level 16 General, equipped with three artifacts: the Ring of Protection, the Plate Mail and, of course, the Frost Hammer. Adram is skilled in Advanced Tactics, Expert Offense, Advanced Defense, Advanced Leadership, Advanced Combat, Expert Melee and Expert Archery.

Adram's initial army consists of 80 pikemen, 70 squires, 20 monks and 10 champions. Every seven days, an event reinforces this army with 20 pikemen, 10 squires and 1 crusader.

Defeating Adram is mandatory for winning the scenario: he wields the Frost Hammer, and obtaining this artifact is the map's goal.


Adram appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV add-on, The Gathering Storm.