For the character page, see Adar-Malik.

Adar-Malik is a quest of the Herald of the Void campaign in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access this quest, the previous quest, A Wizard Far From Home, must be completed.

The group had to search for Kieran, who was taken by Akane. Myranda found a pulse of dragonblood crystals, which is actually the blood spilled from the dragon gods in the Wars of Creation. However, these particular crystals radiated chaotic energy, which was the blood of Urgash, god of Chaos. The leader realizes that was the curse that followed the Blackskull orcs. Suddenly, a necromancer appears, who followed the traces of chaos energy. He recognizes the group's leader, who is Vein. The necromancer is furious, remembering that Vein was the executioner in Al-Betyl and Belketh's reaper. He accuses Vein of siding with the demons and goes to attack.

Malik has a lot of creatures and will try to fill the field with them. However, he has not many spells in his deck.

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