For the faction in other games, see Academy.
Academy city (H4)

Fully built Academy town screen.

The Academy is the clean and well-organized home of Order. The ruler-straight streets divide white walls within which dwell its staunch defenders. The natural terrain for the Academy and its creatures is the pure and driven snow.


This town is led by Might heroes Lords and Magic heroes Magi. You will also meet Knights, Priests, Death knights and Necromancers in the local taverns.

Magic schoolsEdit


Level 1


Level 2 Gold Golem OR Mage
Level 3 Genie OR Naga
Level 4 Dragon Golem OR Titan

Non-town creatures Edit

Unique StructuresEdit

Academy (H4)

Academy towns (without Fort (west), Fort (north), Citadel (east), Castle (south).

  • University: Offers four basic skills for heroes to learn for 2000 gold each. Skills are chosen from the schools for Order Magic, Nobility, Life Magic, Death Magic, and Scouting. The cost to build this structure is 5750 gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 2 sulfur, and 2 gems.
  • Treasury: To complement the gold-gathering skills of your Lord, building the Treasury provides an extra 10% gold per week. The cost to build this structure is 1500 gold, 2 wood, 2 ore, and 1 each of sulfur, gems, mercury, and crystal.
  • Great Library: When a player installs the Grail artifact in an Academy, this structure is built. It provides an extra 3000 gold per day, and increases the power of Order spells cast by that player's heroes or creatures by 50%. In addition, any town owned by the player that includes a magic learning center (such as an Institute of Magic) will have spells as if it were level five, regardless of its state of completion. Finally, a hero who stays overnight in a town with a Great Library can increase their spell points to 25% over their normal maximum.

Town creatures
Dwarf · Halfling · Gold golem · Mage · Naga · Genie · Dragon golem · Titan
Dwelling creatures
Evil sorceress (TGS)