For other uses, see abyssal worm.

Abyssal worm is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The worm has appeared in the basement of the Amber Thorn cathedral, a part of the demonic force, sent to destroy the place.


During the battle, the worm has 20000 hit points, 500 fire ranged attack, 500 melee fire retaliation, 10 initiative, 0 teleporting speed, -30% melee, 30% ranged, 100% fire, -60% water and 80% siege resistance. The abyssal worm has following abilities:

  • Immolating Fireball: "Deals Fire Magic Damage and applies Grand Immolation to Enemy Stacks in an Area. Grand Immolation deals Fire Magic Damage each Round."
    • Fire Magic Damage - 300
    • Effect Radius - 1
    • Duration - 2 rounds
    • Cooldown - 4 rounds
  • Lava Sprays: "Deals Fire Magic Damage to all adjacent Enemy Stacks at the end of the Abyssal Worm's turn.
    No retaliation possible."




The abyssal worm appears in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.