For other uses of the term, see abandoned temple.

The abandoned temple is a dungeon in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is located in the New Sorpigal region, just west of the town of New Sorpigal. It was once used by the Temple of Baa, but they had to flee when it became infested by monsters.

Strange squeaking echoes from behind the front doors. At one time a temple of Baa, a foul curse caused the old inhabitants to move away.OffBck

Quests Edit

There are three quests that can be completed in the dungeon. The Retrieve the candelabra for Andover Potbello requires the party to locate the candelabra, which can be found in a chest behind the door just to the right after heading down the initial stairs.

The save Angela quest requires them to find Angela Dawson, who is located near the center of the dungeon. The party should progress until they find a chest that's continuously shooting colored sparks into the air. The next chamber has a tunnel leading off to the north, and the party will find Angela here.

The Kill the queen of the spiders quest requires the party to slay the queen spider, who can be found in the inner-most part of the temple. She is surrounded by other spiders, so the party should be prepared with ranged weapons and damage spells, and use hit-and-run tactics.

The cavern closest to the queen's chamber contains cobra eggs that can be sold to Hejaz Mawsil. The door behind the queen's chamber has a treasure chest, and there is a nearby teleporter that will take the party back to the start of the dungeon.

Monsters Edit

All enemies can cause either poison or disease in their targets, so the party should be prepared with either resistances or cures for those status effects.

Gallery Edit

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