A Traitor On The Run is a quest of Necropolis playthrough in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


Tahmur is certain there was a traitor in their midst that snatched the documents and helped the orcs build the riots. Tahmur asks of the hero to find the traitor, Mahoud, and retrieve the documents, else Tarek would be furious. In the swamp, the hero can find some skeletal archers battling Mahoud. Mahoud points out that Tarek has something in the conspiracy, reminding how odd it is that he has an interest in capturing the half-ghoul. The skeletons do not listen and prepare themselves to battle, though Mahoud must be protected. After the battle, Mahoud shows the list of the enemies, pointing out Tarek brought them to Namtaru's Claws and wants them turned into ghouls, since they are the political enemies he wished to silence.