"Knowing where it all began will help you understand Tarnum, the choices he made, and the reason the Ancestors gave him a second chance.  His people suffered generations of enslavement from Bracaduun and their henchmen, men like the brutal Rabak."
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"What do you know, you fat Goblin!"
—Tarnum, challenging his leader

A Barbarian King is the first scenario of the Warlords of the Wasteland campaign. A small and easy scenario, it is the introductory map of the Heroes Chronicles saga, and it presents Tarnum, a major character of the original universe. It is followed by The Criminal King.


Tarnum must defeat the present Lord of the Clans, Rabak, so he can name himself King of the Barbarians. Everyone is limited to level 6, and Tarnum's strongest Captain will follow him to the next map.OffBck

The player has to choose between fifteen hobgoblins to join the army or that Tarnum learns Basic Leadership.

After finding a dying bard in the wilderness and listening to his tales, Tarnum is inspired by the stories about the Barbarian King, Jarg, and wants to free his people from slavery. In order to do that, he needs to defeat the current clan lord, Rabak. Tarnum starts with a Stronghold where Cyclopses and Behemoths cannot be recruited, similar to Rabak's Stronghold.

Tarnum must first visit the local mines in the south, with a Witch's Hut near the sea. He can also sail to an old Wizards' encampment in the south-west, where a bunch of Rogues will ambush him, followed by stone gargoyles once he goes ashore. The island is rich with resources, with a Garden of Revelation and Star Axis. Near Tarnum's Stronghold is a Seer's Hut which gives an Ogre's Club of Havoc in exchange for 50 Wolf Riders. In the east, Tarnum will be ambushed by stone gargoyles before he can proceed.

In the north, an Arena is guarded by some cavaliers, and east of it is a Garden of Revelation. Another Stronghold is in the east, but it does not follow Rabak's side (unless Tarnum finds it occupied). That Stonghold cannot build Cliff Nest, Cyclops Cave, Behemoth Lair, Mage Guild Level 1 or Upg. Ogre Fort. Near the Stronghold are many mines, though they are guarded by much more powerful creatures.

A portal (east of the unoccupied Stronghold) leads to Rabak's lands. Rabak will usually wait for Tarnum in his Stronghold. South-east is a Mercenary camp.

Tarnum has to defeat Rabak and capture the Stronghold to win. His strongest hero will be available in the next scenario.


  • Tarnum begins his conquest.
  • Tarnum becomes the Barbarian King.
  • Tarnum meets Hardac, a fellow warrior.

Towns Edit

Three Strongholds


Rabak has to defeat the behemoths guarding the portal to strike, so Tarnum has a lot of time to build his castle. Since another hero can be transferred to the next scenario, it is wise to level that hero as much as possible.

Visiting arenas and other stat-boosting buildings will make Tarnum and his hero better prepared for the battles ahead.